The Digital Network Review – (2020) Scam or Legit BTC MLM?

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There sometimes can be reviews that are very biased. People will hype up the company without telling all the facts. What makes this review so special is that we don’t do that.

In fact, we have a ton of facts line up for you to help you decide if this opportunity is for you. Pay attention!

The Digital Network Review

When researching a company, I always try to learn about the CEO and staff. In this case, The Digital Network provides no info on their website regarding anyone involved with this program, unfortunately.

I thought maybe they would have mentioned a couple of names on their fan pages or something but this was not the case. They are completely anonymous.

They are so anonymous that they even bought their domain privately, making it even harder to learn more about them. Usually WHOIS information is public, and it will usually contain the name of the person who bought the domain and an address.

But The Digital Network made it so no one could go snopping. They have owned the website name “” since December, 2019 so they haven’t been operating for a little while.

If you’re going to launch a company and run around telling people they can make MASSIVE money, why not be upfront so that the people can trust you.

I take it as a negative sign when I see this.

Most times this means that your walking into some sort of scam, unfortunately.

Moving forward.

The Digital Network Products

A marketing page presented by them says that they can help you learn how to multiply your Bitcoin.

However, they offer no product or service that could teach this.

Instead, everything is just about how you can bring others in and get paid.

Yes there are products inside but people only buy them to qualify for earning commissions on the referral that they bring in, making this a “pay to play” setup. Not good.

You can buy either of the products to qualify for earnings.

  • The Million Dollar Starter Pack – basic information about bitcoin for $47
  • The Bitcoin Multiplier – access to a “secret Facebook group” and marketing tools for $497
  • Advanced Underground Secrets of the Billionaires – product information not disclosed, costs $1997

The Digital Network Compensation Plan

You can create an account with The Digital Network free. Earning money requires you to buy a product first.

Some people buy all three products. If you only access to let’s say “The Million Dollar Starter” package and someone buys “The Bitcoin Multiplier”, you will miss out on the payment for not having the product.

Going all in will position you to earn on each and every product.

All commissions are paid through a unilevel compensation plan as a percentage of the purchase prices through three levels:

Below is a break down of percentages for each level.

  • 40% on level 1
  • 10% on level 2 and
  • 5% on level 3

How Much is it To Get Started

The Digital Network can cost you $2541 in total. The price can be as long as $47 dollars as well. Essentially, your just buying into the compensation plan. Everyone wants to earn and in order to that, they must buy worthless products to get going.

My thing is if it’s even worth your time and money?

I know that there are people who think this is an amazing opportunity?

But are they sheep and heading towards destruction or are they about to be millionaires?

My Final Words

I want to be straight up with you. The Digital Network sounds like a s traight scam.

The things that they say make me feel uncomfortable. Like how they push this as something that can be done by anyone…

This SHOCKING Bitcoin Multiplier Secret Can Help You Earn 10+ Bitcoins Per Month Without Any Prior Experience!

To me it’s like they are saying “You’ll be rich, don’t worry about it”.

But from my experience, earning money online is not an EASY task. It takes time and patience.

Even if they did phrase things differently and avoided big claims, we have worst things to think about.

Your only there to recruit!

For one, it’s not EASY getting others to join, especially if you’re a beginner.

On top of that, they don’t have a product and that makes them a Pyramid Scheme. If the product were seperate from the affiliate program then it would be fine.

For instance, the affiliate program should be free and something offered on the side. Instead buying the product and becoming an affiliate is the same thing.

I would keep my wallet shut. This business model has been seen dozens of time, and it sucks. Trust me!

I wouldn’t give up completely on building a business. There is this one program I fully support that educates people on the top 3 online businesses of today.

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Thanks for reading my Digital Network Review.

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