Strongbox250 Review: Huge Scam or Legit Activity Packages?

You made it to our Strongbox250 Review!

I’m down for easy ways to make money. Sometimes I see opportunities make claims that are hard to believe.

This company would be a life-changer if it turned out to be real. They aren’t asking much to get started and whatever you invest you get a return.

It’s basically hands free income where you have to do nothing but invest and wait for your earnings. Naturally, this type of passive income attractive by nature.

But are they getting our attention through hype? Or is the reality that they are simply offering an AMAZING opportunity?

Luckily, I did some digging!

I found out some pretty good info that is going to REALLY help you with making an educated decision.

Strongbox250 Review (Company)

This newly launched company is not even 30 days old as of the time that I writing this. It’s not necessarily a bad things but it does mean that we won’t have much of a history to look at.

Of course we have the information that Strongbox250 has provided.

I started off by looking at their corporate address and figuring out where they from. The location is London, UK according to the address provided by the company.

Unfortunately, the address appears to be nothing but a virtual address, meaning there is no actual physical location. What’s the point of sharing it on their website if actually leads no where?

I never understood that.

They reinforce that they are in the by sharing with us their numbers to located it’s UK incorporation certificate.

It is indeed a real number and shows that it is registered.

However, let’s not get confused with being registered and regulated. They are not regulated, meaning you aren’t protected and they could be doing shady tactics.

Trust me, it seems every shady company that launches has a UK Certificate. Don’t be fooled, they are super easy to get!

You will find that the person running Strongbox250 is Mario Aparicio Gomez.

According to one of his social media accounts (Facebook), he currently is living in Granada, Spain.

You will find a list of more people working behind Strongbox250 on their website.

Here are more names worth looking into…

  • Olyeska Mathison
  • Ivan Greco
  • Albert Sato.

If you click on their names, it leads you nowhere other than back to the website.

So something to think about is that if the CEO is in Spain, it would be strange for his company to have a virtual address located in the UK. If you were going to use a virtual address why not do it for Spain?

Unless the person behind this is trying to create some distance between himself and his own company…

Now it’s even more interesting. In an attempt to promote the whole UK thing, they got mixed up it seems and slipped in a commercial department address in Span during a compensation plan video.

Your probably thinking the same thing as me. What’s with all the mix up?

If we look into Mario, the CEO of Strongbox250 it really only makes matter worst. His background consist of promoting MLMs such as SwissGold and SwissGold Market.

Something really interesting happened in his past by 2019 that lead to many people losing money. He played a role in promoting a scam called Mining VIP.

It was one of those ponzi schemes.

It’s not looking very good for this company, but let’s continue moving forward and see what else we can learn.

StrongBox250 Products

Strongbox products

You should worry anytime there is no evident product or service being offered. Retail action is a must in any legit business.

I found it strange that people only really have the option to join an affiliate program.

Ultimately, it’s just a ton of people recruiting others into StrongBox250 with the promise of a platform that can turn anything you invest into a profit.

Definitely sounds like a get rich quick opportunity. Not good

StrongBox250 Compensation plan

If there are no products or service then what are you putting your into exactly? StrongBox350 refers to it as “Activity Packages” and it allows you to buy into a the program and position yourself for passive income.

In simple words, pick a package, invest, earn money.

Now that I know the type of business this is, I should say you should look out for registration with the FCA (UK). They can’t offer a business model with securities and not be regulated.[1]

Returns are paid for 250 days, but Strongbox 250 only disclose specifics on two investment packages:

  • Invest €100 EUR and receive €0.80 EUR a day (€200 ROI)
  • Invest €500 EUR and receive €4 EUR a day (€1000 ROI)

You can get in with any package depending on your budget. Starting at €25 ranging all the way up to €100,000 EUR.

Of course you also will compensated for bringing in brand new affiliates.

Direct Sponsoring Commissions

Strongbox250 affiliates can earn a 5% commission on invested funds by your personally sponsored affiliates.

Also you can get another 10% for every group of three personally sponsored affiliates.

StrongBox250 Residual Commissions

Strongbox250 pays residual commissions through a typical binary compensation plan structure.

A binary compensation plan has YOU at the top of the binary structure and splits into two sides (left and right):

First level of the binary has two positions.

Second level of the binary splits the first two positions into another two making it four in total.

These positions can be filled up directly or indirectly by team members.

Residual commissions are paid on the invested funds as a percentage.

You get paid on the weaker leg and any left over volume is rolled over to the next pay period.

Below is the break down on how it all works:

  • Invest €25 or €50 EUR and receive a 5% residual commission rate
  • Invest €100 or €300 EUR and receive a 6% residual commission rate
  • Invest €500 or €1000 EUR and receive a 7% residual commission rate
  • Invest €3000 or €5000 EUR and receive an 8% residual commission rate
  • Invest €10,000 or €20,000 EUR and receive a 9% residual commission rate
  • Invest €50,000 EUR or more and receive a 10% residual commission rate

Rank Bonus

You can earn a rank achievement bonus inside of Strongbox250 once you hit certain criteria:

  • Produce €1000 EUR in accumulated binary team volume and receive €30 EUR
  • Produce €3000 EUR in accumulated binary team volume and receive €90 EUR
  • Produce €5000 EUR in accumulated binary team volume and receive €150 EUR
  • Produce €10,000 EUR in accumulated binary team volume and receive €300 EUR
  • Produce €15,000 EUR in accumulated binary team volume and receive €450 EUR and a Ledger Nano S hardware wallet
  • Produce €25,000 EUR in accumulated binary team volume and receive €750 EUR and an Apple Watch
  • Produce €50,000 EUR in accumulated binary team volume and receive €1500 EUR and an iPhone 11
  • Produce €100,000 EUR in accumulated binary team volume and receive €3000 EUR and a Macbook Pro 16″
  • Produce €500,000 EUR in accumulated binary team volume and receive €15,000 EUR and a Hyundai i30
  • Produce €1,000,000 EUR in accumulated binary team volume and receive €40,000 EUR and a “gold ring with diamonds”
  • Produce €3,000,000 EUR in accumulated binary team volume and receive €120,000 EUR and an Audi Q5
  • Produce €5,000,000 EUR in accumulated binary team volume and receive €200,000 EUR and an Audi TT
  • Produce €10,000,000 EUR in accumulated binary team volume and receive €400,000 EUR and an Audi R8
  • Produce €15,000,000 EUR in accumulated binary team volume and receive €600,000 EUR and a Mercedes Benz AMG GT
  • Produce €25,000,000 EUR in accumulated binary team volume and receive €1,000,000 EUR and a Ferrari Portofino

You have to have at least 20% of the required volume from the weaker leg.

Also one leg can only contribute a maximum of 30% of the team volume.

Co-Founder Bonus

Strongbox 250 is charging €1500 for “co-founder positions”.

Once you buy this position you can get life-time profits paid out on the €10 EUR fees charged to all affiliates.

Plus you can earn 10% commission on a single-level on these co-founder positions.

How Much is It to Get Started

You don’t actually pay in cash. Users must deposit cryptocurrency.

From my understanding they take the following:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum

As far as how much it will cost you, users can expect to pay an account one time activation fee of €10 EUR.

After that your out of pocket expense will depend on your investment package that range from €25 to €100,000.

Want to earn more? Simply choose the biggest package.

The thing is if you should be investing at all? After all, there were many flaws presented during this entire review.

That’s why I want you to hear me out real quick.

This next part should make the difference in what you do next regarding Strongbox250

Listen up!

My Final Words

Now that we made it to the end of this StrongBox250 review, I want to address a couple of things.

As I mentioned to you they talk about how you can make insane money just investing into what they call “Activity Packages”. For one the claims are off the wall about how much you can earn.

Moreover, the nature of the business requires them to be registered. This is for your protection.

If they were in contact with the FCA (UK) or CNWV (Spain), they would have to be more transparent and have requirements for opereation.

Right now Strongbox250 is in a position to do whatever they want with no one watching over their actions. Not a good thing.

Take a look at their marketing pitch:

In our first 3 years of activity, we will bring financial freedom to one million homes worldwide.

It’s funny that they say that. I have never seen a Ponzi Scheme last that long. They will definitely collapse within a year, resulting in a lost of money for all participants.

The people who win at the end of the day are the people controlling the program. They get to run off with all the money when it’s all said and done.

Each day you are expected to login in and click on ads all day to collect your returns:

The activities contained in a Strongbox250 package are for advertising. You may find clicks on advertising banners and visualizations of images or videos.

We work with advertising companies and we have spaces for the sale of advertising, where any company can advertise.

Not exactly sure how that results in us being able to earn massive income like the way that they advertise. Where is this revenue coming from?

They claim the following:

We invest in different sectors such as: e-commerce, trading in financial markets, sports trading, and other profitable investments that our financial department continually analyzes, judging their potential profitability.

I know one thing for sure. Clicking ads can’t generate this type of income. Also, their claims of what they do with the money may as well be irrelevant if they can’t provide substantial proof.

No matter what they say and how much money they promise, they can’t escape the fact that they are committing securities fraud.

And in regards to where the flow of money is coming from. I’m sure most of you know what is going on.

Basically if Sarah signs up now, and then Bob signs up shortly after, they will take the funds of Bob to help pay off existing members.

Basically new investors pay off older one’s and this cycle repeats itself endlessly until the big crash.

The crash happens when sign ups slow down.

It won’t take long. As people start read honest reviews like this one your own now, people will see the opportunity for what it is and less people will fall victim, resulting in a crash.

So, it’s clear that I’m not here to support this program.

However, I do support people that are striving for a financial change. The thing is that you have to get connected with a legit business opportunity.

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I think with a personal mentor, you can see life changing results, especially when they are helping you customize a business plan tailored you.

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The thing is that your going to get tired of chasing businesses that last long or don’t work well. It’s time to build something that will be long term and legit.

Good luck in your journey,

-Tomas Bishop

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