Renao Global Review –Pyramid Scam or Legit MLM?

You made it to our Renao Global Review!

New MLM companies pop up every day, it seems. This one here has products that come with insane benefits supposedly.

In fact, the claims ALONE have drive people to this company. They want to know what is really going on.

Their black living water is definitely interesting. If it does work as intended, I could see this MLM being a big hit.

But we have to get the facts first. We can’t just run around praising a product we don’t know much about.

So this is what we’re going to do. I did the research for you. We are going to keep it simple. No biased opinions, just facts!

Renao Global Review

Renao Global does not focus on one niche. In fact, they spread their effort across 3 different industries. Those being…

  • Traveling
  • Technlogoy
  • Health Supplements.

You won’t see much out there on them yet, being that they have only been in the game for a couple of months.

But they gave a short speech as if they are actually years old.

We opened our doors initially in 2002 with an unbelievable story against all odds as there are with any network marketing company that wants to open.

They could be talking about another company. However, they did not specifiy what they were talking about exactly.

But if they are talking about Reno Global then there numbers are way off as far as how long they have been operating goes.

The two leaders who are responsible for Reno Global are…

  • Mel Gill, the CEO.
  • Raymond Medeiros, the President.

Based off what the company has said about Gill, this is what we know:

30 years experience in Direct Sales as a Multi Million Dollar Producer (and is) considered the top 1% across the globe.

These two guys seem to have been sticking together for a while. In 2020, they had a project called Team Effort International, it was a network marketing business.

On a written interview, Gill actually broke down what the company was about. Their entire company was about empowering people on how to keep more money in the bank. Basically, they were some sort of savings program.[1]

Gill is also known for having a role in My Video Talk, an MLM company. In fact, he and his wife were the owners and had launched that company in 2004.

By 2011, they expanded their reach in Team Effort and created a division known as Team Effort International.[2]

As far as Raymond goes his experience is known from participating in Freedom Leaf.

Freedom Leaf actually owns Tierra Science Global. They bought it in 2018 in August. Unfortunately, it appears that Tierra Science Global is no longer seeing any growth and has fallen off.

Team Effort is still thriving though.

Now that I think about, I think Reno Globe was referring to their Team Effort companies when they said that they had been in business since 2002.

It’s possible that they are actually tied to some other business.

Moving forward.

Mel and Amile Gill launched and promoted. a company Wow Nutrition Technology and pushed that out to an Indian audience mainly.

I don’t know why but that company was short-lived.

I thought since theywere similary to Renao Global, they might have rebooted Wow Nutrition Technology as Renao Global.

Reboots are typically bad news. They have just refurbished and created a new version of a previous failed attempt.

But let’s keep moving forward.

Renao Global Products

Their flagship product is their black living water. However, they also have a booking engine for traveling that supposedly allows you to book flights at a cheap rate.

Renao Global is also in the tech niche and they focus on providing some sort of system for better lead generation:

Introducing 3 Click Marketing

Our proprietary process gets every proven online marketing strategy working for you in just 30 seconds per day.

So here is the main reason why people are flocking to this company.

I wish I had more details on the actual cost but they aren’t very transparent on the offical website.

Renao Global Compensation Plan

You can earn by getting others to buy their Black Living Water or any other product of Renao Global.

If your performance is good as an affiliate, you can earn some pretty interesting bonuses for generating sales.

Sponsoring Commissions

You get a cut of each and every sale you bring them. The commission percentage is 20%.

This is for the people that you personally bring into the company. The percentage you earn from your downlines effort will be different.

Residual Commissions

It is possible to earn residual income with Renao Global. They place you in a binary compensation plan where you can collect residual commissions.

The system automatically places YOU at the top of the binary structure. Then it splits into two sides (left and right) as illustrated below:

In your binary, you will see level one that contains two open spots illustrated by a women in a black shirt above.

As for the second level that is being illustrated by a man in a blue short, the binary splits the first two positions into another two making it four in total.

Either through indirect or dirct sponsoring these positions can be filled.

By the the end of the week, all the volume from sales get added up from both legs.

For every 60 GV (group volume) matched with 120 GV you earn a cycled commission.

Renao Global affiliates earn $30 per cycle produced and capped at up to $100,000 per week based on your rank.

Leadership Advance Bonus

The Leadership Advance Bonus is the number of cycles you produced over four week period in a row.

  • Rank 1 – achieve 2 cycles a week for 4 weeks and get $50
  • Rank 2 – achieve 4 cycles a week for 4 weeks and get $75
  • Rank 3 – achieve 8 cycles a week for 4 weeks and get $100
  • Bronze – achieve 12 cycles a week for 4 weeks and get $125
  • Silver – achieve 24 cycles a week for 4 weeks and get $250
  • Gold – achieve 50 cycles a week for 4 weeks and get $600
  • Pearl – achieve 60 cycles a week for 4 weeks and get $1250
  • Ruby – achieve 72 cycles a week for 4 weeks and get $2500
  • Emerald – achieve 150 cycles a week for 4 weeks and get $3500
  • Diamond – achieve 250 cycles a week for 4 weeks and get $5000
  • Black Diamond – achieve 420 cycles a 4 for four weeks and receive $10,000
  • Presidential Black Diamond – achieve 750 cycles a week for 4 weeks and get $25,000
  • Ambassador – achieve 1200 cycles a week for 4 weeks and get $50,000
  • Crown Ambassador – achieve 1400 cycles a week for 4 weeks and get $100,000

If you don’t know what autoship is then it’s basically like a recurring payment for service. Qualifying members must be on an auto-ship to receive leadership bonuses.

Executive Bonus

This is pretty much based on you sponsoring people into the business.

You can earn $100 when you sponsor two affiliates in the binary compensation plan who in turn do the same.

Autoship Bonus

Renao Global pays $25 for every three autoship orders on one side of the binary matched with six autoship orders on the other.

President’s Club Bonus

President’s Club Bonus is based on your rank:

  • President 1 Star – make $1000 in 1 week
  • President 2 Star – make $2000 in 1 week
  • President 3 Star – make $5000 in 1 week
  • President 10 Star – make $10,000 in 1 week
  • SuperStar – make $25,000 in 1 week

You must have qualified for that rank twice over a four week period.

Car Bonus

They have car bonuses in place for those that reach certain ranks and qualifications:

  • Produce at least 50 GV on one side of the binary team and 100 GV on the other a month;
  • Maintain the above volume requirement for three months in a row.

You can get paid $600 per month once you qualify.

How Much is it To Get Started?

The only people that know the pricing are the people who have actually have gone through with signing up.

I don’t know why they have it set up like this.

But even if we did know the price… Is this going to be a business opportunity worth buying into?

Well I’m ready to let you know what I think. Listen up!

My Final Words

So you heard about their magical product or their business opportunity. You still need to know if they are legit.

I do think some things about the company are great. For instance, I like the fact that they have a product to offer unlike other MLMs that I review.

But I do think the affiliates are pushing the product the wrong way and I think it makes the entire business look like a scam.

Affiliaes are saying that Black MP Living Water is a way to combat covid-19:

The owners don’t care. When they were known as Wow Nutrition Technology, they actually said that their product was good enough to defeat cancer.

The FTC is not going to stand for this. MLM companies are not allowed to make any claims suggesting that they have a cure for the virus.. In fact, many companies have gotten huge warnings this year about it.

Okay, well they just need to stop advertising that way to avoid conflict, right?

Nope. I like the products but the compensation plan is another story. They make it all about recruiting. It almost feels like it’s more about getting others to join then the actual product.

The FTC states there must be more retail sales then recruitment revenue or else they end up being a Pyramid scheme.[4]

They could easily fix the issue. It’s just a question of rather or not they are willing to change the compensation plan to include more focus on the seeling of their servies and products.

If not they won’t last. Since they are operating in the US, they will face heavy regulation and will eventually be looked at for not being in compliance with the law.

Right now I can’t allow anyone to join! Maybe if they make changes in the future, it may change my review.

The whole overly hyped marketing on their products needs to stop, and they need a compensation plan that is compliant.

So what now?

Surely you still want o change your financial situation. You just won’t be doing it with Renao Global. However, I have something to share with you.

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My thing is that you have to be ready to grind your butt off.

Good luck in your journey,

-Tomas Bishop

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