Mining Up Review – Scam or Legit Crypto Cloud Mining?

Welcome to my unbiased third party Mining Up Review!

Showing interest in this brand new company could be a bad decision! You have to understand that schemes will make anything sound good.

The shady businesses usually say it’s easy to make money online. This is entirely false and exactly why you need to be careful.

More than ever there are emails going out about investment opportunities due to the ongoing pandemic which has lead to many job losses.

Companies like Mining Up are getting a ton of attention now, considering people need a way to make money now. Sadly scammers have been taking advantage of this situation.

Listening to what I’m about to say will definitely help you determine if this crypto mining opportunity is the real DEAL…

Review of Mining Up

I don’t know if it’s a man or woman behind this online business.

Unfortunately, we can’t even do a background check to ensure the people who designed Mining Up are even people worth trusting.

I used a third-party tool to find out when the domain was registered. The data showed December 13th, 2019.

Interestingly enough, you could not gain anymore information on the website since it was set to private, assuming to avoid people from snooping around like I was.

Even though the website launched in 2019, it appears that they didn’t begin marketing until the very beginning of 2020. That’s when they started getting traffic according to Alexa.

The only bit of information provided by Mining Up is an address. The address shared that they were in Tallinn, Estonia.

I find it hard to believe when most of there traffic is out of Brazil, Japan and Russia.

So I doubt it’s from Estonia…

Even if they really were in Estonia, it’s still so much more to think about. I’m more concerned about there inability to disclose exactly who they are. The reality is that if something went wrong, I want to know who to blame.

Mining Up Products

Alright. We may not be able to know much about them, but at least we can see if the products are up actually worth the time.

What is Mining Up?

We offer our clients to participate in the mining process using our powerful mining equipment. You purchase a share of our computational facilities and we mine Bitcoin and various promising altcoins. Finally, the company gets profits that are shared among the holders according to the purchased facility volume.

Honestly, at first glance, you may like the way that all sounds. As you look deeper though, it’s a bit troublesome that there is no retail action going on within the company, meaning no actual products.

The only thing you can do is become an affiliate where you can either focus on recruiting or earning passive income.

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Mining Up Compensation Plan

It takes 365 days to see profit. Initially you may think that is a long wait until you realize the percentage of your profit. Somehow Mining Up is promising 730% return on your investment.

  • Bitcoin – minimum $10 investment
  • Ethereum – minimum $9 investment
  • Litecoin – minimum $10 investment
  • Dogecoin – minimum $10 investment

Whatever you accumulate within the year wait will be sent to you a cryptocurrency. How much you earn depends on the plan your working with.

Referral commissions on invested funds are paid as a percentage down a unilevel compensation plan:

  • 7% on level 1 (personally sponsored affiliates)
  • 2% on level 2 and
  • 1% on level 3

How Much is It to Get Started

If you want to just know what it feels like inside Mining Up, you can setup an account without any initial investment.

Of course, you only earn if you load cash to participate or if you sign up others. At minimum, you need $9 to get to earning.

My Final Word

It sounds like the perfect business opportunity, right?

In theory, you just throw money in and then it comes out.

But how is this even possible?

They mine cryptocurrency, at least this is what they are saying…

Mining-up is a cutting-edge cloud-mining platform. We offer our clients to participate in the mining process using our powerful mining equipment.

You purchase a share of our computational facilities and we mine Bitcoin and various promising altcoins.

They took it a step further and showed us images of where it all goes down. It’s kind of convincing if you ask me. Thing is that it could all be made up.

Mining Up shares all that but isn’t disclosing their leadership?

As far as the things that they are speaking about, you can’t even verify anything.

I’m not clueless to what may being going on. There are hundreds of programs that launch like this every single month.

Usually they are just schemes designed to take investment from the users and use it in a way to pay off other existing affiliates. This is known as a Ponzi.

Yes this is extremely illegal.

If I was mining as they said, I would not being sharing my resources.

If it’s profitable for us to use their program, surely they can do the same thing for themselves.

I imagine that they would actually make more if the kept this all to themeselves.

For those of you that are already getting paid. You should know that once they are no longer getting the same attention, a collapse will happen.

People will lose money. And they will either take all the money and not saying anything or come up with some bogus exit plan to tell everyone then run off with investments.

It’s clear that I can’t recommend this to anyone.

All the signs are pointing to this thing being a get rich quick scheme.


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