iCooperative Review – Scam or Legit eBook MLM?

Welcome to my iCooperative Review!

There are literally hundreds of ways to make money online. Not all of them worth discussing. When you do find a legit business opportunity, the sky is the limit.

The newest opportunity people are discussing is company that is pushing some sort of eBook, and by the way people are talking there may be some value in buying into this.

But it seems like even bad companies have good reviews, making it hard to tell if people are just hyping.

Maybe you got an email, came across an enticing ad or your old buddy from college hit you up about iCooperative.

Either way, we got you! Were going to tell you how it is…

If this company is as awesome as they say, we will let you know.

iCooperative Review

I’m surprised they got this far, seeing that no one knows much about them. A company that is not clear about who they are is usually not worth the time.

I did not see any info on their website containing anything about how long they have been operating. Thankfully there are tools you can use that allow you to type a website name in and it tells you how old a site is.

After using such tool, I learned that iCooperative website name had been bough in July, 2019. I can’t say how long they have actually been operational though.

So there was a little information to work with but it did not see reliable. They have a company address on their website. But it appears that it’s just dummy text provided by their website theme

Regarding their actual presence on the web, they don’t even have a social media account which is odd for a professional business.

Clearly they are lacking in the transparency department.

This is a big problem!

iCooperative Products

I know people say iCooperative has a product. The reality is that they don’t have one.

Yes there is an eBook that you get once you pay an $11 entry fee. The thing is that your paying for the affiliate program and the book is actually a bonus.

That’s a big difference especially if you know what is acceptable in a legal business. I will talk more about that at the end of the article.

The iCooperative Compensation Plan

iCooperative affiliates who want to participate in the compensation plan must buy $11 positions in three matrices.

Affiliates earn commissions when other directly and indirectly sponsored affiliates also buy matrix positions.

iCooperative uses 3 different sized matrices, which are 3×10, 5×10 and 10×10.

A 3×10 matrix puts an affiliate at the top of a matrix that has 3 positions right under them.

These 3 positions make up the first level of the matrix and the second level is made by dividing each of these positions into another 3 positions each.

Matrix levels 3 to 10 of the matrix are created the same way, with every new level holding 3 times as many positions as the level before it.

The 5×10 matrix works the same way, with the only difference being that is starts with 5 positions with each level expanding by multiples of five (5 positions on level 1, 25 positions on level 2, etc.).

Following that same pattern, a 10×10 starts with ten positions on level 1, one hundred positions on level 2, etc…down ten levels.

Users that are added into iCooperative are automatically placed in all three matrices once they become paid members and invest the required $11.

You earn a commission of a dollar for every spot you fill within the 3 matrices once they become a member

Matrix positions are filled simultaneously through direct and indirect sponsorship of new iCooperative affiliates.

You have to understand that even if you want to have commissions paid out, you need at least one personally referred affiliate per month.

How Much is It to Get Started

You just need a total of $11. Although access is very inexpensive, you still have to ask yourself a big question.

“Is it worth your money”

Like I always do on Smart Affiliate Trends, I provide my honest opinion at the end of every review.

My Final Words

There was so many things running through my head as I researched this company.

Many of my thoughts made me question if they were trustworthy.

Now it’a time to really answer the big question. Is iCooperative a Scam?

For a company with little to no information on them, I find it odd that they tell people they can make them rich. I’m talking Bill Gates rich. Yes they said this is a billion dollar opportunity.

But at the current setup, you would need to bring in thousands and thousands of people to even accomplish that.

So why would they allude to something that is not possible?

Well, the answer is simple, were making them a ton of money.

Each time a new person enters iCooperative at $11, they take a cut out of everyone effort.

It would make sense that they want us all hype about a program that is going to make them money.

If you don’t bring in members, you don’t earn. So they expect us to run around all day selling people a fake dream of making millions or even billions of dollars.

Truth is that most that sign up won’t even earn a thousand dollars. It’s sad.

What now? Tell whoever is trying to get you to join to kick rocks. Hold onto your money and don’t fall prey to hype. This company is nothing but a run of the mill pyramid scheme

Building a business is great. However, chasing scams results in a loss of money and frustration.

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So my final words are to stay away from programs that promise you the world and never deliver.

Good luck in your journey,

-Tomas Bishop

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