Green Compass Global Review: Legit CBD Business or Huge Scam?

You made it to our Review of Green Compass Global.

I’m seeing CBD companies more often. I actually see them so often that I have to wonder which one is good.

Sorting through them and trying to get only the legit one’s is a headache! However, Green Compass Global stood out like a sore thumb.

They energy that they bring to the table almost made the decision about them very clear?

And what decision is that? Find out in this Green Compass Global article.

Review of Green Compass Global

review of green compass global

You know that vibe that you get that TELLS you a company is only in it for the money?

The best way to describe the feeling is by saying “Corporate” and usually that term is associated with companies that probably don’t care much about it’s customers.

Seeing that the owners of Green Compass started off as farmers aka regular people like us, and slowly made their way to success it feels a lot more humble

There passion is REAL and there vision has been to get people CBD Oil through their company with a twist.

Their entire setup is based on bringing quality CBD products.

They aim for a high standard and that is to grow everything locally and organically.

Basically, your product won’t be sitting in some big fancy laboratory.

Your products will be coming straight off the farm and to your house.

You have to admit that this is awesome!

A big part of why they are taking off is because people love the story of the owners Sterling and Meredith Cook.

They come from a long history of hard working farmers just trying to carry on their generations of work and dream.

They might not be super knowledgeable on the business side. Yes this is there first MLM company ever ran.

But we know the products are going to be good. Also, they aren’t in it for the money alone, they are chasing a passion.

We know that the best things come from love and just wanting to make a difference.

Green Compass Global Products

If you have been joining MLM for awhile, you know it’s usually the same setup.

Everyone wants to sell some sort of pill that makes you lose weight or vitamins. Green Compass Global is not something we see often in this industry.

You can bring something new to the table working with them.

Everything is grown naturally, and tested by third-party services to ensure that you are getting the best quality.

Everything else is done by them. They own large fields that they use for getting their CBD Products made.

Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil

You can either go with a minty taste or keep it natural

  • CBD Hemp Extract Full Spectrum 500 mg: $84.95
  • CBD Hemp Extract Full Spectrum 750 mg:  $109.95
  • CBD Hemp Extract Full Spectrum 1000 mg:  $139.95

Refined Isolates CBD Hemp Oil

As far as taste goes there is Citrus which I assume is like a lemon flavor then there is natural.

  • CBD Hemp Extract 500 mg: $84.95
  • CBD Hemp Extract 750 mg: $109.95

Topical Cream

Green Compass Global has two creams to work with.

  • CBD Topical Cream Soothing Skin:  $99.95
  • CBD Topical Cream Muscle & Joint with Menthol

For Pets

I like how they have something even for your furry friends. The best is that they also come in flavor. They aren’t as strong though.

  • CBD Hemp Extract For Pets 250 mg:  $49.95

To be clear, your pets will be getting only organic products that are made in the US like all of Green Compass Global Products.

So here’s the actual interesting part!

Green Compass Global Payment Structure

No matter how good products are in a MLM company there has to be a good compensation plan.

You want to earn as much as possible. On top of that you want to make sure the company is legit.

If a MLM has a bad compensation plan that focuses more on affiliate commissions they can run into problems with the FtC

The setup has to be like this…

According to the FTC, there must be more retail sales activity than people sponsoring people.[1]

I am actually shocked that two people who have never ran a MLM business before did such a well balanced job at this!

There are people who have been creating MLMs for years and still can’t accomplish what Green Compass Global has… keep doing what your doing Sterling and Meredith Cook!

Here’s a company made video that gets more into details.

So my final verdict on the pay plan is that everything checks out and looks perfect.

The video I shared you will probably be the best content to pay attention to to understand how affiliates will be paid.

How Much is It to Get Started

I think that they actually have fair pricing, considering the level of quality being provided.

  • Basic Business Kit:  $49.95
  • CORE Start Success Pack:  $299.95 (This comes with $600 worth of products)

They are sending you products from straight off the farm in the US.

They have some good variety and everything. I pretty much want to say that they are perfect.

Now this is the part you came here to see. The part where I give an ending to all of this. I think you may feel good knowing that I am not an affiliate. My opinions are raw and uncut!

My Final Words

MLM companies usually suck If I’m being honest. It’s only every now and then that I come across a rare gem that completely blows my mind.

Green Compass Global is one of those gems.

Don’t be surprised if reading another article that they hate on this company.

You probably notice they are just trying to get you to join something else.

The truth is that they are legit.

They are in a niche that has alot of money making potential which is great. CBD products have been popping more as people realize the benefits and get over the negative stigma.

I appreciate how they are just trying to grow anything at consumers. They do testing and keep everything natural and clean unlike the whole corporate.

Right now experts expecting the CBD and Hemp industry to go from only millions a year to billions with the next 3 years. That’s big!

Even though I fully support Green Compass Global, results will vary.

You can’t be ready to generate a ton of cash without knowing what you are doing.

Getting trained on how to reach out to people who may want CBD is important.

Of course you can hit your family up all day until someone joins.

But guess what, you will eventually run out of people to talk about your business.

Then what?

You need to get top of the line training that teaches you how to drive sales on a day to day basis even when your sleeping.

See the training I use to drive sales to any business even Green Compass Global.

This program will connect you with a mentor and provide you with education that shows you how to get sales in your business.

It’s helped me become good at what I do.

Reaching out to hundreds and sometimes thousands of people have become possible thanks to the program.

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Good luck in your journey,

-Tomas Bishop

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