Forsage Review – (2020) Legit Etherium MLM or Huge Scam?

You made it to our Review of Forsage.

Are you in search of an online business? It seems to be the case with everyone these days.

Now that were in the midst of crisis, scammers have took note of that and now there are even more low quality opportunities floating around.

Not to say that Forsage is scam but to spread awareness and tell you to stay safe.

I’m assuming a buddy of yours contacted you about this program. They may have said that it’s easy passive income or something about huge cash.

Bottom line is that your curious now.

I’m here for you. I share the truth on Smart Affiliate Trends about upcoming MLM businesses.

Find out what is going on now.

Review of Forsage

I could not get access to any helpful information on who they are.

I stopped investigating as I realized that they had no plans of letting us know.

The exact words on the Forsage website says…

The project Forsage no admin.

I guest a ghost or a new age robot created the program. Impressive, right? I see why everyone is joining.

Yes I’m being sarcastic.

Of course there is a real person behind this. But I guess no one wants to claim this supposedly magical passive income opportunity.

You can see that the website is primarily in the Russian language, suggesting that the origin of Forsage.

However, the opportunity has been hitting hard with people from the USA, considering that it’s their leading traffic source.

The birth of Forsage started on February 9th, 2020. A mystery person or bot registered the name “” and now here we are.

If they can withhold information, I definitely have no problem holding back from joining. It kind of makes sense to be cautious.

Forsage Products

There affiliate program is there primary focus, along with their investment opportunity. No retail action takes place, meaning no product or services.

Forsage Payment Structure

Forsage affiliates buy 0.05 ETH matrix cycler positions.

Matrix sizes used in Forsage cycler are 3×1 and 2×2.

A 3×1 Matrix has three positions under your main position.

2×2 matrix starts with two positions on the level 1 and expands to four positions on level 2.

These positions can be filled directly or indirectly by downline members.

Cycle commissions across Forsage’s two cycler tiers are done in the following way:

  • 3×1 matrix (entry is 0.025 ETH of the initial 0.05 ETH buy in) – generates 0.05 ETH in gifting payments and entry into a new 3×1 matrix
  • 2×2 matrix (entry is 0.025 ETH of the initial 0.05 ETH buy in) – generates 0.075 ETH in gifting payments and entry into a new 2×2 matrix

How Much is It to Get Started

Payments are only made through ETH. Joining requires users to pay 0.05 to be added into their matrix program.

It’s time to get to the part that everyone was ready for!

I wanted to be different when I started Smart Affiliate Trends, meaning I wasn’t going to just hype up everyone company just because.

My Final Words

You might be considering joining Forsage. I don’t knock you for wanting to chase a business opportunity

But you have to look at the things that are going on in the company.

We have no clue who they are and they blatantly share how they are a gifting scheme. How does that work?

Profit comes from other participants directly into your personal wallet.

Even if they are advertising a legit niche, cash gifting has never been something that people can get away with.

It’s funny how they act like there is no admins participating in their matrix. The reality is that they are adding themselves at the top.

Now they can make EASY money off of anyone joining.

They are surely picking that money up in their bank account and not some robot.

Why create something and not want to make money off of it?

So they are illegal. Hiding who they are…

On top of that, they are pushing a business model that won’t last.

People usually don’t usually make any money pushing this type of crap.

Good luck in your journey,

-Tomas Bishop

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