ByDzyne Review – (2020) Legit MLM Company or Scam?

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It seems like more make money opportunities are appearing now that the entire world is in the middle of crisis, leaving many out of a job.

In light of that, the a rowth in online scams from what I’ve seen so far is getting bad. It’s important to watch out!

Here at Smart Affiliate Trends we try to keep up with the good and bad business opportunities to help you avoid some of the pitfalls that the internet has to offer.

Our experience has given us a good insight on what to watch out for, so keep your ears open!

ByDzyne Review

ByDzyne Review

The company was founded by Sophia Wong(President), Nat and Chanida Puranapurtra, Henry Marsh and Chad & Nattida Chong.

I find it interesting that most of them are actually beautiful power couples. expect that these couples have put a ton of love into this company.

It’s nothing like working with people that you know love and trust on a project.

Bydzyne leadership

There is no real way to describe ByDynze, as they dabble in a couple different niches.

  • Wellness
  • Beauty
  • Technology
  • Travel

Honestly, based off what I learned on the founders, I’m impressed.

For instance, Sophia Wong is a powerhouse all by herself. Her results in the industry is undeniable. Her time as an entrepreneur is 22 years deep.

Seeing that there were many successful projects before ByDynze that her hands touched, I feel a sort of relief.

Sophia gained most of her recognition from working with “” and if you have been following that company, you know it’s huge now and many say it’s one of the largest companies in it’s industry.

Besides that, her skills are also known from when she played a huge role as a co-founder for a product line that has now reached over 10 countries. She helped with things like supplements, body care and essential oils.

So if leadership is something your worried about, I think it’s safe to say you’re in good hands.

ByDzyne Products

Unfortunately, there was no retail products on there website.

It’s important to have a range of products in a MLM, it gives you more opportunities to generate cash. ByDzyne proudly has these 3 categories:

  • Technology ByDzyne
  • Beauty ByDzyne
  • Wellness ByDzyne
  • Travel ByDzyne

Technology ByDzyne

Selsl Bluetooth 5.0 TUW Smartwatch by ByDzyne.

What does this beautiful wrist watch have to offer?


  • Fitness Dashboard
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Sleep Monitor
  • Step & Calorie Counter
  • Stop Watch
  • Sport Mode

Like an AppleWatch, you can have certain applications on it. By default you can expect to see these:

  • Alarm Clock
  • Countdown Timer
  • Heart Rate Alarm
  • Notification Messages
  • Inactivity Reminder
  • Bluetooth Connectivity Notification
  • Sport Goal Setting
  • Find Phone

This isn’t even all that you can expect.

Retail Price:  $428.58

Wholesale Price:  $300

MLM usually do this weird thing were your required to join before getting any pricing, ByDzyne tells you on their website and you can browse cost freely.

If don’t know, this a very good sign.

They are about pushing the products and not just making themselves out to be a business opportunity.

Beauty By Dzdyne

Beauty By Dzdyne

ByDzyne has a beauty line. You won’t find a huge catalog, but yo will find 3 items in there that look very promising

They have an interesting beauty planner to get the best results and the desired outcome you want.

In this category, their most prized product is called “Xceler8”

According to the website:

Includes a Morning Revitalize Water Cream and an Evening Retinol Repair Cream with 5 Boosters that personalize the creams for your skin (30-day supply). Fill out the Smart Skin Survey at to retrieve your mixing instructions.

Retail Price $185.72

Wholesale Price:  $130.00

Wellness ByDzyne

You can’t be running around here looking amazing but not actually feeling well.

I think there wellness line is such a good compliment to their beauty line.

They boast “Allur” as being their top recommendation.

You can find this product in the form of a oil that contains CBD or a balm.

I like how they made sure to consider their ingredients. Many people like natural stuff, and that’s exactly what’s in their products.

Getting this stuff isn’t very cheap, but if there is something useful for it then it will be a great investment

Allur Tincture is their CBD oil and will retail for $171.43 with a wholesale pricing of $120.00 for a 30 day supply.

Bottle amount:  30 ML/1000mg

Allur Relief Balm is a full spectrum hemp extract that retails for $185.71 and wholesales for $130.00.

The volume of the product is not specified.

Travel ByDzyne

If your someone who is constantly all over the world then your going to love this.

I’m sure you heard of savings program. ByDyzne has something for people who want to keep more money in their pockets while traveling.

You experience the benefits of this by actually being an active customer at ByDyzyne. They actually reward you with bigger and better savings as you shop with them

When you purchase a kit, you can get at least 2x the BV in travel saving gift vouchers.

If you purchase a promo kit or founders kit, you can get 2.5x on BV.

  • Founders Kit = $6,200
  • Promo Kit = $2,000

Pricing may change sooner or later. I’m thinking that this was more of a promo thing for their big launch. It could be less ore more later.

Plus, you can earn a customer acquisition bonus or thank you points depending on your membership type.

Brand Ambassador

  • $5,000 travel saving gift redeemed = $500 in customer acquisition bonus
  • $2,000 travel saving gift redeemed = $200 customer acquisition bonus

Preferred Customer

  • $5,000 travel saving gift redeemed = 34,000 Thank-You Points
  • $2,000 travel saving gift redeemed = 13,000 Thank-You Points

When your ready take those points to their ByDynze shop and get access to exclusive perks.

ByDzyne Payment Structure

Like many other MLM, you do get rewarded from your ability to bring in retail sales and new affiliate members

Key features

  • binary compensation plan structure with
  • performance based bonuses included

MLM compensation plans can be pretty deep. I figured it be far better for you to understand by watching a video made by ByDynze, explaining the compensation plan.

Here you go!

It’s going to sound extra and amazing ofcourse, it is a company made video so don’t take this as my testimonial or anything. There may be hype and it will be of bias nature naturally.

How Much is It to Get Started

Depending on your goal, you can shop within ByDzne for certain products or you can get it in a big bundle. I’m not exactly sure if you get a bundle if it comes with some sort of savings, but it would make sense if it did.

Here’s what packaging pricing looks like…

  • Founders Kit = $6,200
  • Promo Kit = $2,000

Keep in minds that pricing and whatnot may not be the same after leaving the article. These types of things change all the time.

Since most people are actually affiliates and want to recruit others into ByDynze, you can’t expect them to talk about the good and “bad”

Now this where it’s important to listen to me

My Final Words

I admit that MLM gets a ton of heat, and in many cases people scream Pyramid scheme and sorts of nasty things.

ByDyzne is like those fly by night companies that add no value, they actual investment money into REAL products that your allowed to use or promote to earn cash.

To answer the question everyone wants to know… is ByDynze a Scam? Nope!

Not only are they the real but the the top dawg aka the CEO is trustworthy.

I did mention before that the pricing was a little too much too many. But you get what you pay for and if the quality is good it may be better then the competition.

Simply do your research

I always say don’t just come for the affiliate program. Try out their stuff and that way you can have a real testimonial and it will make marketing the stuff easier.

There is definitely high potential in this company. I can see them being around for a long time unlike other MLMs I’ve seen in the past.

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Good luck in your journey,

-Tomas Bishop

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